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Pump Engineers in Dorset | Can Your Business Benefit from a Water Pump?

Alton Pumps Ltd can always meet the needs of private customers looking for a pump or filtration system. Our sister company, Southern Water Pumps, cares for those in the domestic sector, whereas we are primarily commercial and industrial pump suppliers. Located in Hampshire, we have pump engineers and drainage contractors helping businesses in all parts of Dorset and across the surrounding South of England area.

Our business customers use us for installations, pump hire, water pump servicing and pump repairs, either on a standalone basis, or with our engineers and drainage contractors working on projects in Dorset alongside their own personnel.

A commercial pump supplier has to stock products which are strong enough, and reliable enough, to carry the reputations of its own pump engineers, and those of other businesses. If you work in an environment where a water pump plays an important role in day-to-day operations, or if you trade as a pump servicing and repair specialist yourself, we’re ready and waiting to do business with you.

We have our own workshop in Alton so, if you need a water pump repaired or refurbished, we can help. Should you need a pump hire service to keep systems running for your own customers during the interim repair period, let us help with that too.

Which Businesses Need Pump Suppliers and Engineers?

A surprising number of businesses in Dorset, and their customers, have a direct need for water pump suppliers. Some, like those that use pump stations and therefore have to consider scheduled pump servicing and maintenance work all the time, will already know us. Others may have used us in our capacity as drainage contractors, but might not know that much about pump sales, pump hire or control equipment.

This is where we can step in to fill the void.

Below, we list just three different sectors that already benefit from using our pump engineers:

Property Repairs and Renovations

Submersible water pumps play an important role in property renovation projects by dispersing excess water from basements, cellars and other areas of low elevation. If a building in Dorset isn’t sufficiently waterproofed, or if a burst pipe has caused flooding, our pump engineers and drainage contractors can help you to clear the area of standing water quickly.

Use our pump hire service to clear pooled water yourself if you prefer or, better still, buy and own a water pump instead.

Outdoor Activities

If you own or run one of the many campsites in Dorset, or if you hold outdoor activities in the area, you need to keep land dry enough for safe and stable use. Intense rain has a negative impact on the outdoor experience. In our capacity as pump suppliers, we can equip you with a powerful model that will disperse excess water into a ditch, soakaway or river.

And, when you need scheduled pump servicing to keep equipment running, we can offer you the complete aftersales service.

Landscape Gardening

Landscaping companies in Dorset should definitely own a water pump or, at the very least, have immediate access to a pump hire service. While you can always hire our pump engineers and drainage contractors to pump land for you, the turnaround time could delay your own operations and, worse still, frustrate your customers. We believe this isn’t a risk worth taking.

Make Alton Pumps your trusted pump suppliers and we promise to equip you with the perfect product for landscaping work.

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