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Pump Supplier in East Sussex | Do You Have a Hidden Workhorse in Your Home?

Did you know that water pumps aren’t exclusive to the commercial and industrial sectors? Many homes in East Sussex have them installed too, and they all come from pump suppliers just like Alton Pumps. Just because you’ve never used a pump hire service or booked in for pump servicing and maintenance, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a silent workhorse hidden away somewhere that’s pumping tirelessly on your behalf.

Alton Pumps, located in Hampshire, is an established company of pump engineers and drainage contractors with a longstanding history in the nearby East Sussex area.

We are pump suppliers and pump hire specialists with an excellent stock range, one that includes spare parts and components, all available from our very own trade counter in Alton. We’re as proud of the work we do for our domestic customers as we are of our work in the commercial and industrial sectors. In fact, we even have our own domestic division, Southern Water Pumps, which has dedicated pump engineers and drainage contractors looking after homeowners across all locations in the South of England.

Here, we look at where you might find a pump installation in your home. Knowing whether you have one or not is important because you should book in for pump servicing and maintenance with our engineers at recommended intervals.

Heating and Hot Water Supply

Your East Sussex home could have a circulating pump feeding hot water through the pipework to radiators or used as part of a wet underfloor heating system. The same pump could even supply hot water to your taps. A pump supplier would have originally sold this pump to a contractor, who would have then fitted it into your property as part of an installation.

If you use our pump engineers and drainage contractors to service that pump, we can offer you a short-term replacement to keep your system running as part of our pump hire service.

Elevated Properties

If you live in a rural part of East Sussex or in an elevated home (say up a hill), you won’t be able to use a gravity system to feed water to it. Instead, you will need a water pump to send a supply to you. Pump suppliers will normally work out a specification for your property. This ensures the installation controls and manages the flow rates efficiently.

Again, you will need to book in with us for pump servicing at a scheduled interval recommended by the manufacturer. Our pump engineers can work on models from all leading industry brands.

Gardens and Landscapes

Most pump engineers, and just as many drainage contractors, will have come across sprinkler and irrigation systems in gardens (albeit for different reasons). If you like your East Sussex property to have a lush green lawn and vibrant plants, it is a pump that feeds water through your sprinkler system. Yet again, this would have come directly from a pump supplier.

If the pump in an irrigation system fails, we can provide you with pump servicing and repairs from our own workshop, and short-term pump hire to keep your garden watered adequately.

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Call Alton Pumps on 01420 561661. We are pump suppliers and engineers from Hampshire with services available across the East Sussex area.

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