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Pump Supplier in Hertfordshire | Water Pump Safety Advice

We’ve worked hard to build our proud reputation as one of the region’s most trustworthy water pump suppliers. The industry we work in is one governed by strict legislation where safety always comes first. We make sure our pump engineers and drainage contractors receive training in safe manual handling, confined space entry and more. When we take on projects in Hertfordshire, customers know in advance that we maintain safe, professional standards at all times.

Pump hire, pump installation or pump servicing, we have a perfect safety record and take pride in the reliability of our services; services where the customer always comes first.

All pumps supplied to jobs in the Hertfordshire area undergo strict safety inspections at the manufacturer’s end, and again in the presence of our time-served pump engineers and drainage contractors. The products we supply are powerful by design. We have to take precautions working as a pump supplier. You need to take similar precautions as a responsible end user.

Here, we offer some basic advice on keeping safe should you plan to use us for pump hire or installation services, or hire our personnel for pump servicing, maintenance and repair.

Avoid Obstructions

Never have a water pump installed in a room or area with space restrictions. Tight, enclosed spaces lead to heat build-up, as does leaving a pump leant against a wall or surrounded by other obstructions, such as boxes. Pumps generate a surprising amount of heat. Like any reputable pump supplier, we know this can stop heat from dissipating safely to create a fire risk.

Our pump engineers and drainage contractors will never fit a product at your Hertfordshire property where it can overheat.

Never Allow Pumps to Overrun

Regular pump servicing and maintenance, and even choosing a model that’s energy-efficient for your system when purchasing or using us for pump hire, makes good sense. These are both good ways to avoid overheating. If you do happen to notice a water pump becoming excessively warm, turn it off immediately and ask our pump engineers to attend your home or business.

Something as simple as turning off the pump could prevent a fire at your Hertfordshire premises, and may even save lives.

Hazardous Substances

Our pump engineers and drainage contractors frequently find substances in the system that pumps aren’t meant to handle. Acidic and corrosive substances are both causes for concern, and so is anything viscous. Worse still are wet wipes, makeup removal pads, nappies, latex gloves and prophylactics. These entangle moving parts and cause major damage to water pumps.

If you are unsure of what you can run through your system, call our pump suppliers, who will be happy to advise you.

Use the Manufacturer Manual

Following any installation in Hertfordshire, we leave a manual onsite that explains how to operate a water pump safely. Take the time to read this manual. It will always provide you with good user basics, advice on how often to book in for pump servicing, and what to do if you suspect something is wrong. We also supply basic information for pump hire service users.

And if there’s ever anything else you need to know from a more professional viewpoint, call Alton Pump for advice. Feel free to read some our testimonials before contacting our team.

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