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Pump Engineers in Oxfordshire | Submersible Pumps for Property Refurbishments

Alton Pumps is an established company from Hampshire, trading as a commercial pump supplier with its own domestic division. We have a trade counter where customers can purchase branded products or, if they prefer, can use us for short or long-term pump hire. Those needing pump servicing, maintenance and repair services can use our pump engineers, and our drainage contractors, for services across the Oxfordshire area.

Many of our customers come from the building and construction sector. If you regularly run renovation or refurbishment projects, or if you offer a groundworks service, you’ll often find yourself needing water cleared from a specific area.

This is where our pump engineers and drainage contractors can help you to mobilise your site or workplace.

Because we cover Oxfordshire as a pump supplier and pump hire specialist, we can supply you with submersible pumps which move water from one place to another. They work in a similar way to centrifugal pumps but run with an electrical motor. Position the pump underwater, direct the flow towards a mains sewer, a drainage field, a stream or a ditch, and leave everything running until the water finishes dispersing.

Buy a submersible model, and we’ll be there at all times to provide scheduled pump servicing, and to keep it operational.

Submersible pumps have sealed motor casings which stop water penetration. This eliminates the risk of water damaging or corroding the parts, and it reduces electrocution hazards. For builders, this makes them a particularly safe and reliable choice. If you would rather have our pump engineers and drainage contractors come out to clear water for you, this won’t be a problem. Just call us on 01420 561661.

We offer responsive services across Oxfordshire, the Home Counties and the South of England.

Greater Efficiency – Pump suppliers will recommend submersible pumps when the customer needs a product they can use where it is most needed. Proximity alone makes the job easier, and using a submersible pump is a more efficient choice, and more workable, than having a water pump situated above the ground.

If cost is a concern, keep in mind we offer a handy pump hire service where you can rent affordably for one-off jobs.

Convenience – Some sites in Oxfordshire cover a large area. Having to move a heavy pump to different parts of a flooded site takes time. Submersible pumps have a lightweight design, and this makes them easier to move between locations. Most operators can move a pump from place to place with one hand.

Another convenient factor is that we provide scheduled pump servicing, and pump hire if we have to repair your own model.

Noise – If you have a refurbishment project on the go where the noise of a pump could impact neighbours, keep in mind that submersible pumps sit underwater. This softens the noise and stops it from spreading. Use our pump engineers and drainage contractors, and we promise to only run the pump underwater.

We show respect for sites in the Oxfordshire area. This only serves to enhance our reputation as a trusted pump supplier.

No Preparation – Submersible models have a long lifespan and require only minimal pump servicing. There is no need to prime them, which is great news for business owners who can then use their staff for more important things. Submersible pumps have long power cords for easy connection to distant mains points.

We make purchasing and pump hire easy for our many Oxfordshire customers by stocking a good choice of low-maintenance models.

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Call Alton Pumps on 01420 561661. We are pump engineers and drainage contractors from Hampshire with services available in all Oxfordshire areas.

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