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Pump Suppliers in Buckinghamshire, Dorset and the Home Counties | Located in Alton, Hampshire

Whichever way you wish to use us, either as a commercial client with your own customers to care for, or as a homeowner in need of domestic services, Alton Pumps Ltd will keep you flowing! Located in Alton, in Hampshire, we are an established company of pump suppliers with more than 50 years of shared team experience. We have a friendly trade counter onsite where you can buy pumps, parts and components for specific projects.

Alton Pumps can supply to customers and clients in all London areas and across the Home Counties, including Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Dorset, Hampshire Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex and Wiltshire.

We can customise pumps to a preferred specification. Because we also install, service and repair, our company knows how important it is for a pump supplier to provide a product that’s fit for purpose. Our specialist knowledge and large stock levels ensure you get the right pump for the right job.

We stock pumps from all of the following manufacturers:

  • ABS

  • Ash

  • BBC Semisom

  • Clarke

  • DAB

  • Ebara

  • Faggiolati

  • Flygt

  • Franklin

  • Grundfos

  • Hayward

  • HCP

  • Homa

  • JS

  • KSB

  • Lowara

  • Marsh

  • Wilo

  • Zoeller

  • Xylem

pump supply service

Pump Supply Service

If you supply, install or repair for your own customers, you will need a regular, reliable source of sewage and submersible pumps. Alton Pumps is a domestic and commercial pump supplier so, whether you need an installation for a home, business or industrial premises, we can supply what you need for the job.

We charge competitive prices on our pumps and we also supply everything you need to manage drainage systems and pipework.

wastewater pump

Wastewater Pumps

Use our trade counter for wastewater pumps and drain effluent away from your property or grounds with ease. We can supply pumps and provide you with manpower, should you need it, in the form of skilled pump engineers. We have experience in all aspects of domestic, commercial and industrial drainage work.

This includes wastewater drainage, surface water removal, floodwater pumping, and extraction from rivers and lakes.

grinder pump

Grinder Pumps

When you need to pump sewage and wastewater from a larger-than-usual property, particularly from basement level, a grinder pump is the most efficient, cost-effective choice. We supply agitator and macerator pumps in lightweight designs to keep them portable, but still durable enough to perform well.

Grinder pumps are the perfect choice for commercial builds, factories, smaller hospitals and wastewater sampling plants.

domestic pump

Domestic Pumps

We’re rightfully proud of our commercial services but Alton Pumps is also an established pump supplier to the domestic sector. We have a sister company, Southern Water Pumps, which works on behalf of homeowners. It is our company that supplies their engineers with domestic pumps that reduce flood risks.

These pumps drain basements and garages, stopping potential damage to give customers an immediate return on investment.

anti corrosion pump

Anti-Corrosion Pumps

Some of the liquids in a commercial or industrial environment can cause corrosion. Any water pump used in this type of setting must have anti-corrosive properties to protect the building and those working inside it. We can supply you with pumps that have excellent resistance to all aggressive fluids.

Alton Pumps can also install for you, anywhere in Hampshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Dorset, London, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex or Wiltshire.

engineering pump

Engineering Pumps

We are pump suppliers for the civil engineering sector with a stock range that covers all high-performance applications. Resistant to abrasion, corrosion and leaks, these durable models work perfectly for dewatering most fluids, including those which contain partially solid matter and solid sediment.

Suitable for installers and contractors, we can also supply these pumps to projects undertaken by our own pump engineers.

amphibious pump

Amphibious Pumps

For long-term use in agriculture, aquaculture and irrigation, we can supply type IC amphibious waster pumps which also have applications in underground water heating, and in the field of hard landscaping. Often used for ponds and water features, these pumps also extract from rivers, lakes and reservoirs.

Like all water pumps supplied by our trade counter, amphibious models come from major brand names at a competitive price.

pump chamber

Horizontal and Vertical Pump Chambers

Horizontal pump chambers tend to focus more on commercial septic tank and sewage treatment plant installations, whereas the vertical design has more modest domestic applications. We trade as pump suppliers for both, and we also install these products for safe dispersal into soakaways and watercourses.

Alton Pumps also supplies small pump chambers for single development use, including those from the Marsh Macrimo range.

low head pump

Low Head Water Pumps

These submersible flow pumps work equally well with clean and wastewater, suiting applications with high flow and low heads. Rugged in design and made to last over several decades, these pumps are extremely efficient in terms of performance. They also install horizontally to make them easier to maintain.

Low head water pumps are durable, resistant to the impact of abrasives and corrosives, and perfect for water extraction.

If you regularly have projects here in Hampshire, or in the surrounding Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Dorset, London, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex and Wiltshire areas, you will need a pump supplier you can trust. We are here to help you find the products and the accessories needed to make your own projects run smoothly.

We also have pump hire services available to help keep systems running while you service or repair a current installation. This has an important impact on your customers, on your own business reputation, and on your profitability.

Wherever you are, we’ll keep you flowing!

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Call Alton Pumps on 01420 561661. We are pump suppliers from Hampshire with services available across Buckinghamshire, Dorset and the Home Counties.

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