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Pump Servicing in Surrey | The Importance of Regular Pump Maintenance

If you have already used us as a pump supplier or for pump hire in the past, you’ll know that we stock an impressive range of products for an equally impressive range of purposes. And, if you’ve used us in our capacity as pump engineers and drainage contractors too, we’re sure you understand just how important our services are for clearing Surrey properties of groundwater. Water pumps are versatile, durable and practical.

But, without scheduled pump servicing, a product will develop faults and start to leak, make unusual noises, could run inefficiently or, in some cases, might not run at all.

Our pump engineers and drainage contractors are here to help.

When customers from the nearby Surrey area choose us as their preferred pump supplier, they also receive access to mobile pump servicing and maintenance. If we happen to notice a problem during a service, there’s never any need to despair. We have our own workshop in Alton, Hampshire, where we can repair your pump using spares from our own trade counter.

And, if you or your business can’t be without a pump while your own is in for repair, don’t worry. We offer a pump hire service too and can always supply a short-term replacement.

There are many benefits to pump servicing, including:

No Need for a Costly Replacement

Because we trade as a pump supplier, sales obviously matter to our business. But our Surrey customers matter too, and we want to make sure they feel well looked after. When a major fault occurs, you could find that the cost of a repair isn’t as economical if you haven’t had the pump serviced regularly. The less you have a pump maintained, the worse the damage will be.

Even the cost of replacement pump hire adds up, as does the price of using pump engineers and drainage contractors to continually come out and inspect, or repair, an installation.

Book in for pump servicing and avoid the need for replacement.

Maintain Efficiency

A well-serviced water pump will do its job admirably but one that hasn’t undergone regular maintenance won’t run anywhere near as efficiently. Even small faults slow a flow down to a trickle. This is a frustrating experience for users in Surrey. Before too long, the only quick way to clear surface water is to call out our pump engineers and our drainage contractors.

Using a pump supplier to service your current model is by far the best way to maintain efficiency, to reduce the risk of breakdowns, and for us to help keep you flowing at all times.

Book in for pump servicing by calling 01420 561661.

Reducing Potential Hazards

Water pump users in Surrey, even those who come to us to use our pump hire services, should never forget that faulty machinery endangers lives. If you suspect a fault with any water pump, even one you have hired directly from us, turn it off and contact our pump engineers. The last thing we’d ever want is for one of our customers to suffer unnecessary harm.

It takes a professional company to diagnose and repair faults to a standard where the product can go back into service. There is no company more professional than Alton Pumps Ltd.

When it comes to pump servicing and repairs, we have Surrey and the whole of Southern England well and truly covered.

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