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Pump Hire in West Sussex | Using a Water Pump on a Flooded Garden

Alton Pumps Ltd is the pump supplier from Hampshire with vast experience in flood and groundwater dispersal. We offer practical help and advice, supported by quality products and a full range of services. We have pump engineers and drainage contractors working in nearby West Sussex, helping customers in this area with their pump installation and pump servicing needs. Alton Pumps also offers a pump hire service.

Do you have one part of a garden that continuously fills with groundwater, and which has nowhere to disperse? Does pooling water flood your patio or driveway, or does it tend to drown those lovely plants you’ve put so much time and effort into?

If you do, we can provide you with a suitable product in our capacity as a pump supplier and pump hire specialist. If you don’t have the confidence to do the work yourself, our pump engineers and drainage contractors can help you with a mobile service, anywhere in West Sussex or the Home Counties.

Use a submersible water pump to disperse of groundwater that can’t run away through mains drainage, a soakaway, a ditch or a stream. Clay soil, and land with slopes that work against gravity, tend to flood after periods of heavy rain. A submersible pump helps to disperse of groundwater elsewhere.

If you already own a submersible pump, we can help you to keep it operational through pump servicing and maintenance.

Using a Submersible or Sump Pump

The lowest part of your West Sussex property is the point where ground or rainwater runs to. This is easily identifiable because you’ll see puddles form here first after long periods of bad weather. For a competent person, or for pump engineers and drainage contractors to use this point as a sump pit, there must be a depth of up to 3 feet with sufficient space to accommodate a water-resistant lining and, of course, a pump.

A pump supplier, or a pump hire company, can provide you with a product from their range. We recommend that you use Alton Pumps because we have more pumps than most, and we can always supply you with a submersible model fit for purpose.

And, because we also fulfil your pump servicing and repair needs, West Sussex customers from the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors have prompt access to all-in-one solutions.

If you want to line a sump pit in concrete, you can do this by building a wooden frame that will accommodate the pump, and then pouring concrete around it. If you would like to use our pump engineers and drainage contractors to do this for you, it won’t be a problem. Once the concrete dries, the pit will hold water and won’t filter out into the surrounding land to flood more of it, an important and beneficial feature.

Line the bottom with gravel but nothing too fine. This can block the pump. Consider a sump pit cover for your West Sussex property too. We can provide one for you in our capacity as pump suppliers and pump hire specialists. We also supply custom-made sump pit linings as an alternative to concrete.

Keep your product maintained by booking in for pump servicing. Use us for all other types of maintenance and repair too!

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Call Alton Pumps on 01420 561661. We are pump engineers and drainage contractors from Hampshire with services available in all West Sussex areas.

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