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Pump Engineers and Drainage Contractors in Wiltshire | Rainwater Harvesting

What does the environment mean to you, and what can we do to help you protect it in our role as a pump supplier and pump hire company? If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and make a major play in promoting sustainability around a home or business, consider rainwater harvesting. This is a practice that we see more and more people adopting, particularly those in the Wiltshire area who live or work in rural properties.

Alton Pumps Ltd has time-served pump engineers and drainage contractors who can help you to harvest rainwater.

In short, rainwater harvesting is the recycling of water that would otherwise flow directly into a drainage system or the watercourse. It is entirely possible to harvest rainwater from the roof for use in the garden. Adding a pump to the system can help you reduce mains water consumption inside your Wiltshire home or business. Use us as a pump supplier, or for pump hire, and make significant savings on your water bill.

Because we have pump engineers who can help with your pump servicing and repair needs, and drainage contractors who have more than 50 years of experience in waste and rainwater management, Alton Pumps can support your own environmental initiatives at home, at work, or just about anywhere at all.

Here are just three great reasons to harvest rainwater:

Easy Storage

Pump suppliers can help to get a basic harvesting system more operational but, to start, a rain barrel is all that you’ll need to collect rainwater from the rooftop of a Wiltshire property. Make or buy a purpose-built barrel. Position the barrel underneath a downspout and any rainwater channelled to that downspout gets harvested. Use our pump sales or our pump hire service to have rainwater circulated around a property.

We have pump engineers and drainage contractors who can help in all stages of a system installation, and pump servicing available to keep rainwater or borehole water pumps working.

Free Water Supply

Wiltshire, like anywhere else in the UK, sees its fair share of rain so, by using a pump supplier or opting for our pump hire service, you can have access to free water and offset what you spend on what you save. Helping the environment is still the big payoff, but free water feels good too. If you want to build an underground system, you can store rainwater for two years, and often more, without it becoming stagnant.

To keep an underground system running well, book in for pump servicing at the scheduled interval. This will help to keep free water pumping around your home or business efficiently.

Nutrient-Rich Water

Our pump engineers and drainage contractors can help you if you want to circulate rainwater through a sprinkling system at your Wiltshire property. Your planted borders, and vegetable patches if you have them, will receive copious amounts of harvested rainwater packed with nutrients. Whereas tap water contains chemicals to make it safe for drinking, rainwater is as nature intended; pure and packed with the good stuff!

We’re more than just a pump supplier and a pump hire company. Alton Pumps has Wiltshire covered as a responsible service provider that makes environmental care a business priority.

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