The team was called out to Byfleet Library to clear blocked aco drains.  Drains can become blocked during the autumn months with leaves, debris and even freezing water.   The wastewater can back up causing flooding, leaks and damage to the surrounding area, including property.  An overflowing drain can also cause potential problems during the winter months, if surface water cannot drain it may freeze on the road causing hazardous conditions for drivers, so it’s important to take swift action to clear any blockages. Aco drains are high strength channel drains designed for efficient removal and conveyance of surface water.

Our team cleared the blockage at Byfleet  so that the wastewater could flow into the grates and continue through to the pipe network before joining with the sewer.


Aco drains are modular trench drains made from stainless steel, corrosion resistant polymer concrete, or fibreglass and grates.

Alton Pump Services provided professional aco drain clearance services for commercial, industrial and residential properties.  Our team will clear the blockage with minimal disruption ensuring your drains are operational  as soon as possible.  Get in touch on 01420 561661 for your drainage issues.