We received a call out to a residential property reporting problems with their pump and pump chamber. On inspection, the team found that there was a large hole in the pump chamber tank at the base. Groundwater was flooding into the tank.  The pumps, which usually are only required for 1 hour a day were running 24 hours a day to pump the excess water away.  The tank was beyond repair so we advised that the pump chamber be removed and a new one installed before the pump overloaded.

At Alton Pump Services we can build and install a range of pumping stations and pump chambers including single and twin stage pumping stations.  Pump chambers are used to move effluent wastewater and sewage to the main sewage system when gravity is impractical.  Pump chambers require professional maintenance to ensure efficiency and longevity. A pump chamber is used in conjunction with sewage systems such as septic tanks.  When the water in the pump tank rises to a level determined by a control float, the pump activates and pumps the effluent until it reaches a level that switches the pump off.  In this case, the pump was not switching off because the water level remained constantly high.  If a pump chamber fails the resulting damage can create a health risk and cause damage to your property and surrounding areas.

Alton Pump Services provide pump chambers for housing developments, commercial projects and industrial applications to pump surface water or sewage to mains, and for septic/sewage treatment plants. For peace of mind, we recommend that you have your pump station and chamber inspected and serviced regularly. This will help ensure your pumping station operates efficiently, whilst also being environmentally friendly. Our service agreements help to meet these aims and avoid unexpected and costly breakdowns.  Call us on 01420 561661 for your pump & drainage requirements.