Clear Drains

Get Clear Drains –  With Alton Pump Services Drain Cleaning

Get clear drains with the professional drain cleaning team from Alton Pump Services.  Drain and sewer pipes get blocked from time to time and can pose a risk to health if the sewage overflows.  Alton Pump Services are well equipped to deal with sewer and drain blockages. We can provide an easy clean for your drains. Call our experienced team for your sewer or drain emergency 24/7 on 01420 561661.  Our engineers will clear your drain blockages and drainlines. If you are experiencing any of the following and require drain care, get in touch today:

Slow draining washing machine

Toilet flushing slow

Shower draining slow

Sink draining slow

Slow draining dishwasher

Slow draining bath

Drain blocked with mud

Blocked Toilet Drain

Blocked Shower Drain

Outside Drain blocked

Clogged Drain

Blocked Sewer

Backed up drains

Blocked kitchen sink

Blocked drain outside house

Clogged Drains

Our drain cleaning services cover residential & business properties in London and the South. To ensure business continuity we schedule our services to fit with your timetable

One stop solution

We are able to provide a fully comprehensive service for commercial properties, domestic properties and civil contractors who require drain cleaning or drain repair. Prevention is better than cure, so we also offer maintenance contracts throughout the UK.

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For Clear Drains call us on 01420 561661, email us: or

Drain Cleaning

The drain cleaning team use a variety of tools in order to clear your blocked drain in the most efficient way possible. We use different sizes of electric snakes depending on your needs, high pressure water jets to remove blockages as well as CCTV inspections to identify the cause of the issue.  In addition to our cleaning services we also install and repair drain systems. Included in our services we can also carry out excavation or structural drain lining for effective drain repair.


If your drain or Tank is clogged call Alton Pump Services to handle your issue quickly and reliably. Our team have the knowledge and skills necessary to troubleshoot the problem and clear the blockage as soon as possible. With a maintenance contract we service your drain on a regular basis to prevent issues developing leaving you one less thing to worry about. But if an unexpected problem does occur our 24 hour a day emergency service means we can get to you quickly and solve your issues fast.


At Alton Pump Services, we are proud of the fact that many of our clients choose to come to us year after year for repeat drain cleaning services. Not only because we use quality products as well as skilled labour and engineering work, but we also keep prices competitive. Commitment to customer service means we are dedicated to giving you a bespoke and supportive experience from the beginning of your project to the end.

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