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Drain Lining

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Drain Lining

No Dig Drain Relining

Our drain relining service can repair cracked or damaged drains without the need for excavation.

Drain lining is a cost-effective and non-invasive alternative to excavating and replacing damaged drains. With drain lining there is minimal disruption to your premises or property. We can carry out a CCTV drain survey to identify the cause of the issue and carry out structural drain lining to effectively repair the damage. Our professional team re-line cracked drain pipes avoiding the need for excavation.

Drain lining, or ‘No dig’ technology, allows us to repair damaged drains, without having to excavate or dig a trench. Pipes are repaired by lining the existing drain pipe. Drain lining is a quicker, cleaner and less disruptive solution to drain repairs.

Structural Drain Lining

Structural drain lining one of the most popular methods of trenchless drain repair. This method involves inserting the new pipe into the old without the need for excavation.

This type of lining is joint-free, which significantly reduces the chance of root intrusion. This process can be undertaken with minimal fuss or disruption to your home, school, club or workplace.


A resin drain lining or ‘drain sleeve’ is inserted into the damaged drain which is bonded to the surface.  This creates a newly sealed surface inside the drain pipe allowing liquids to flow freely again.

Drain relining is often used to repair leaking pipes and circumferential or radial cracks caused by blockage damage.  In older drainage systems clay pipes are prone to damage by root ingress – drain lining is an effective method to remedy this problem.



If you have observed signs of a broken or damaged drain our team will carry out an inspection.  Using CCTV survey equipment they will identify and locate the affected area.

Remove obstructions

Once the damaged drain has been located the team will clear any obstructions. This includes debris, scale build up, grease deposits and tree roots. This can include the process of rodding and high pressure drain jetting.


Our team make a final inspection to ensure all obstacles are removed and that the drain is prepared for lining.


Inversion lining is a cost effective method of relining a damaged drain. Resin is poured into the drain liner and rolled to ensure it is evenly distributed.  An inversion drum facilitates the installation of the flexible resin impregnated pipe lining into the damaged drain.  During the process, the resin-saturated lining is inverted and pressed against the pipe’s inner walls to form a bond.


Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) lining requires a heating source (water or steam) that runs through the pipe and liner to cure the resin to form a permanent bond between the pipe and the liner.

Drain lining


Our team will visually inspect your drain to locate the cause of your drainage problem. Drain lining can be carried out without excavation but sometimes it is necessary – particularly in the case of collapsed drains. In some circumstances it may be more cost-effective to divert the drain – our team will discuss with you the options to find the most suitable solution for you, whether it be no dig drain lining, drain diversion or excavation and drain replacement or repair.

Drain Replacement

If the severity and extent of drainpipe cracking is so great that drain lining is not an option the Alton Pump Services team can excavate the site in full and to replace the damaged drain or sewer pipe.


Book Alton Pumps Services to carry out CCTV Drain Surveys to inspect your sewer and blocked or damaged drains. Our professional team are experienced in domestic drains and sewers, and will identify the cause of your blockage quickly and cleanly. Using state-of-the-art camera technology, we use CCTV surveys to identify any  issues throughout your drains. Our team will detect major and minor damage, including blockages and collapsed drains – as well as any tree root ingress or severe cracks which may be causing problems. We have the right tools and equipment to fix your drainage problem.


  • Reduced repair costs
  • Minimal disruption
  • Speed of repairs
  • Structural integrity
  • Prevention of root ingress


  • Scale Build Up
  • Mis-connection
  • Wear & Tear
  • Corrosion


If your drains are cracked or damaged this can lead to blockages, leaks, and flooding resulting in damage to your property, and subsequently expensive repairs.  At Alton Pump Services we have a team of experienced drain engineers that can repair or reline your drain with minimal disruption.

No dig drain relining allows us to repair the interior of your drain without the need for excavation. Our operations team will discuss with you the best time to implement the repair ensuring minimal inconvenience for the fastest and most cost-effective way to repair a damaged drain.

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