Pumps For Construction Sites. On Construction sites water pumps are used for dewatering or removing excess water. During heavy rain sites without drainage can suffer from water logging forcing work to halt. Many sites require an industrial pump to remove the excess water. Groundwater, rainwater and surface water can become an issue if not dealt with effectively.


Pumps used on construction sites are either centrifugal and positive displacement and are electric, gas-powered, hydraulic, or manual.  They are designed to move water continuously from one place to another. Pumps use one of three main methods to move water:

  • Direct lift
  • Displacement
  • Gravity pumps

Pumps fall within two main categories, centrifugal or positive displacement. The centrifugal pump is the most common. However, positive displacement pumps come in a wider variety; gear, lobe, peristaltic, and screw.


Centrifugal water pumps are often used for pumping liquids at high rates. The pump induces flow or raises pressure of a liquid resulting in a pumping action. The centrifugal water pump uses a rotating impeller which guides the liquid to and from the impeller.  This increases the pressure and flow rate of the fluid as it rotates, moving water into the pump and pressurising the discharge flow.  Inside the case of the pump is an impeller, a set of curved vanes which rotate when submersed in water. The rotational energy typically comes from an engine or electric motor. This it builds up a centrifugal force to the water particles and forces the water out through the impeller’s vane tip.

The high pressure and speed at which a centrifugal pump operates also makes them ideal for water boosting (sometimes in a set).  Centrifugal pumps are frequently used to lift water into a building and also to circulate fluids through a piping system. The pumps are suitable for domestic, commercial, agricultural or industrial use.

Centrifugal pumps can also used in fire protection systems as they provide a continuous pressure source both vertically and horizontally. In general, centrifugal pumps are suited to low pressure, high capacity, pumping applications of liquids. Slurries or high viscosity liquids can cause excessive wear and overheating.  Positive displacement pumps operate at considerably speeds and are less prone to failure due to overheating.

Centrifugal pumps are not suited to any application where the supply is intermittent – the pump must be primed prior to use and cannot provide suction when dry. Centrifugal water pumps must always be submersed in water or operate on flooded suction lines to function.

The liquids suitable for Centrifugal pumps include: water, solvents, chemicals and light oils.


Positive displacement pumps (or rotary pumps) are often used with thicker liquids on a low flow rate. Rotary pumps remove air from the lines, consequently making them very efficient as there is no need to bleed the air.  Positive displacement pumps can produce a constant flow at a given speed.  The main drawback of a rotary pump is that it requires very close clearances between the rotating pump and the outer edge. Consequently is it rotates at a slow speed.  Efficiency is reduced if operated at a high speed as fluid can erode resulting in enlarged clearances for the liquid to pass through. This dilutes the pumps efficiency.

The liquids suitable for positive displacement pumps include: thick oils, slurries, emulsions, foodstuffs or biological fluids.

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