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Pump Engineers in Hampshire | Common Causes of Damage to Submersible Water Pumps

We are Alton Pumps Ltd, the pump suppliers from Hampshire with a longstanding history not just in our local area, but also across the South of England. If you need a company of pump engineers and drainage contractors, we can offer you a responsive service 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week. Trust us for pump servicing and repairs, or with your pump hire needs, and join our portfolio of satisfied customers.

If you use a submersible pump at your Hampshire home or business, either to pump wastewater through septic tanks or to disperse fluids from pooled water areas, keep in mind that they will need suitable care. Talk to most pump suppliers, and they’ll all agree that it’s the same three things that most often cause damage to a submersible pump.

Our pump engineers and drainage contractors can help in the repair of submersible pumps, and our company can offer you a replacement pump hire service while your current installation is with our workshop undergoing maintenance.

And, to keep installations in optimal condition, we can also provide customers in Hampshire with scheduled pump servicing.

Hand and Cosmetic Wipes

Did you know that wet wipes become stringy and fibrous when immersed in water over a prolonged period of time? When a home or business uses a pump to circulate wastewater, these fibres catch on moving parts and, over time, build up to cause an obstruction. This results in failure. It is an issue our pump engineers and drainage contractors see on a regular basis.

In our role as a pump supplier, we can provide you with a new replacement or a temporary pump hire service if you choose to have your own model repaired with us.

We strongly advise that our Hampshire customers, domestic or commercial, put all of the following into a bin:

• Nappy and Baby Wipes
• Antibacterial Wipes
• Disinfectant Wipes
• Makeup Removal Pads
• Floor and Surface Wipes

To lower your pump servicing and repair costs, we strongly recommend that you also put biodegradable wipes in the bin.

Latex and Plastic

These two materials have become more commonplace over the last few decades because of their strength. The fact neither will biodegrade makes them potentially damaging to water pumps. Our pump engineers and drainage contractors often attend callouts in Hampshire where latex or plastic have clogged impellers in standard submersible pumps, or in grinders and macerators.

Pump suppliers advise that you always recycle plastic at home and put it into a suitable bin for collection. For those who use latex gloves or prophylactics, wrap them in toilet paper and discard along with your normal household waste.

Those needing us for pump servicing and repair at our workshop in Hampshire as a result of incorrect plastic disposal can also use us for pump hire over the interim period.

Lack of Maintenance

The most common issue encountered by our pump engineers and drainage contractors is the customer not sticking to a plan of scheduled maintenance. Pump servicing is important to the smooth and efficient running of submersible products. We have a workshop in Alton, Hampshire, where we service, repair and refurbish pumps of every kind, always with a fast turnaround.

And, because we know you’ll need to keep systems working, Alton Pumps can provide you with a pump hire service, to include installation, while you own pump is in our care.

We doubt you’ll find another pump supplier in Hampshire, or the South of England, with such a complete service range.

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Call Alton Pumps on 01420 561661. We are pump engineers and drainage contractors from Hampshire with services available across the South of England.

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