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Pump Repair

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Comprehensive Pump Repair

Alton Pump Services offers emergency repair or replacement services for pumps, with a specialization in sewage and water pump systems and pumping stations. They maintain a wide selection of replacement parts in their warehouse and repair workshop, and can quickly obtain any necessary parts not in stock.

Our company offers comprehensive pump repair solutions and is a top pump engineering firm in the UK. Our skilled team is capable of maintaining and repairing all varieties of pumps.

Pump breakdowns are expensive, both in repairs and property damage from leakage. Alton Pump Services offers pump maintenance services in Hampshire, covering the south of England and London. Our services are competitively priced and tailored to meet your needs. We fix any damage before it worsens and offer service agreements with priority response, parts, and labor. Get peace of mind with our expert services.

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Pump Testing Facility

At Alton Pump Services, we have a comprehensive pump testing facility and our team of highly experienced engineers are trained in all aspects of pump repair. Our hydraulic testing capabilities include volumetric flow rate, power consumption, discharge pressure, suction head, efficiency curves, as well as other parameters.

We also inspect critical parts for wear and tear, ensuring that any repairs are accurate and reliable. We guarantee quality workmanship and adhere to safety regulations when handling gas or electrical pumps. Along with our competitive rates for repairs, we also provide routine maintenance services to extend the life of your pumps and avoid costly breakdowns.

Our team is available 24/7 for emergency repair services with quick response times, saving you time and money while maintaining the highest standards of quality control. Contact us today to discuss your pump repair needs!

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Pump Station Maintenance

It is important to maintain the efficiency of your drainage system as leaks from a pump station can cause significant damage to the environment and property due to the sensitive nature of effluent. Therefore, reliability of the pumping station is crucial.

Alton Pump Services provides a comprehensive maintenance and repair service for pump stations. We have the expertise and the equipment to inspect, diagnose, and repair any pump station issue quickly and efficiently. Our team of experienced engineers can detect any issues before they become problems, allowing us to take preventative measures to avoid costly repairs in the future.

We understand that downtime is expensive, and so we pride ourselves on providing efficient and cost-effective solutions. Our service technicians can quickly identify any faults and offer a wide range of repair or replacement options, including onsite repairs or complete pump replacements. We also offer advice and guidance on how to prevent future problems with your pump station.

We provide a 24/7 emergency call-out

Furthermore, we offer regular maintenance plans which include routine inspections, repairs, and replacements to keep your pump station running smoothly. Contact us for more information on our pump station maintenance services today.


Causes of Pump Station Failures The most common causes of pump failure are:

• Poor maintenance: It’s important to keep up with regular maintenance, such as lubricating moving parts, cleaning and tightening electrical connections, and checking for signs of wear.

• wet wipes and debris: Wet wipes, debris, and foreign objects can clog up the pump station and cause it to fail.

• Power outages: If a power outage occurs while your pump is running, this could cause the pump to fail. It’s important to ensure that power outages are prevented as much as possible.

• Faulty wiring : Faulty wiring can result in a pump failing. It’s important to ensure that all wiring is properly installed and maintained.

• Low water levels: If the water levels in your pump station are too low, this could cause the pump to fail. It’s important to monitor the water levels on a regular basis.

• Lack of power: Electrical problems can cause your pumps to malfunction or shut down altogether. Make sure your power source is reliable and secure.

• Uneven power flow: An uneven water supply can cause pumps to overheat and malfunction, which is why Alton Pump Services offers pressure management services. We have the expertise to balance the water levels, ensuring your pumps are working at optimal performance.

• Corrosion: As pumps age, they may suffer from corrosion due to exposure to chemicals or other elements.

1000’s Parts In stock

At our workshops based in Surrey & Hampshire we stock a wide variety of parts to fix or refurbish your pump. We carry parts for DAB pumps, ABS Pumps, booster pumps, agitator pumps, macerator pumps, grinder pumps, centrifugal pumps, sump pumps, submersible pumps, irrigation pumps, pumps for construction sites and more.

  • Industrial Pump Repair
  • Control Station Repair
  • Float Switch Repair
  • Home Pump Repair
  • Domestic Pump Repair
  • Sewage Pump Repair
  • Water Pump Repair
  • Sump Pump Repair
  • Centrifugal Pump Repair
  • Sewage Pump Repair
  • Macerator Pump Repair
  • Submersible Pump Repair
  • Foul Pump Repair


Alton Pump Services offers expert maintenance and repair services for pumps in the UK. Repairs and maintenance are performed on site whenever possible to minimize disruption to your work. Our aim is to provide you with a reliable and effective solution quickly so that you can continue operating your pump.

Our personnel pump repair team is fully trained and experienced in identifying and fixing issues with broken pumps. If the pump is not economically repairable, our team can recommend a suitable replacement pump for your application. We provide a wide range of replacement pumps and ensure a competitive price for any replacement.

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your pumps running smoothly and avoiding costly repair bills. Alton Pump Services provides a comprehensive maintenance service, where our expert technicians perform visual inspections for wear and tear, check for loose connections, and clean the pump systems. We also provide routine cleaning services to keep your pumps in top shape and extend their lifespan.

We are also skilled at troubleshooting any issues you may experience with your pump system. Our technicians are experienced in diagnosing and resolving any electrical, mechanical, or other problems that can cause pumps to fail.

Alton Pump Services


Our friendly and reliable pump engineering team aim to cause as little disruption to your day as possible while pump repair takes place.  Based in Hampshire, Alton Pumps Services are well positioned to access London, Surrey and the south coast.  If you have an emergency, our specialist pump engineers can get to your site quickly to repair or replace your pump with minimal down time.
Alton Pump Services


Our pump engineers have a combined 120 years of experience, meaning they are skilled at spotting any issues that may arise in your pumps even if they aren’t obvious. The comprehensive pump maintenance service we offer is available for all our domestic pumps, pumping stations, control equipment and any other part of your pumping installation. We make your pump run more efficiently, cost effectively, and reduce the risk of breakdown.

All Leading Pump Manufacturers Stocked & Repaired

At Alton Pump Services, we specialize in repairing and servicing pumps from all leading manufacturers. We stock and repair pumps from industry-leading brands such as Grundfos, DAB, ABS, Lowara, Wilo, Flygt, Caprari and many more. Our experienced technicians are highly skilled and can service any type of pump to ensure it is running efficiently and reliably.

Regular Maintenance: Regular maintenance of your pumps is essential to keep them running optimally and avoid costly repairs. We provide a comprehensive maintenance service that includes visual inspection, checking connections, and cleaning the pump systems. Our technicians are also experienced in troubleshooting any issues you may be experiencing with your pump system.

Emergency Services: In case of an emergency, Alton Pump Services offers 24/7



Our knowledge and experience is second to none. We have the skills and training to resolve even the most challenging issues.


All our work is carried out to the highest standards – this keeps our customers happy and returning to us year after year.


Problems occur when you least expect it. Our engineers are on hand 24/7 to assist.

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