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Drain Jetting

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Drain Jetting


Drain jetting is one of the most safe, thorough, and effective ways to clean out stubborn drain blockages. If you are a home owner Alton Pump Services can help with your drain or tank cleaning.

Our drainage engineers use a variety of tools in order to clear your blocked drain in the most efficient way possible. We use different sizes of electric snakes depending on your needs, high pressure water jets to remove blockages, CCTV inspections to identify the cause of the issue, and even excavation or structural drain lining for effective drain repair.

Drain maintenance

Sometimes a blockage could be a result of a one off issue, such as an obstacle being flushed into the drain – jetting is a quick and effective way to dislodge such obstacles. In addition, drain jetting is also used to prevent blockages. Over time scale and grease can build up in your drains reducing the pipe diameter which can lead to slow flowing water, low pressure and blockages. Regular jetting will keep your drains clear of build up, and avoid the cost of emergency call outs.

Septic tank maintenance

Septic tanks need to be emptied regularly to prevent solid waste building up. Some tank emptying service providers will filter the extraction and only remove liquids. If this continues, over time the tank fills up with solids which as a result will damage your septic tank system and cause costly damage. Alton Pump Services will remove solids as well as liquids as part of your regular tank empty, and can jet clean your tank to return it to optimum working condition.

What is drain jetting?

Drain jetting is the process of targeting high powered streams of water through the drain to blast away any obstacles, debris, fats, oils and scale build up.

Water is pumped through a hose fitted with a specialist jetting nozzle. The water is pressurised and forced through the drain dislodging blockages and allowing your drains to flow freely again.

How does drain jetting work?

Before jetting is carried out,  an engineer will often have already assed your drainage system via a  CCTV drain survey.  The survey may identify a collapsed drain or displaced joint as the cause of a blockage, which would need repairing or replacing.

If jetting is required our engineers attend site and establish a safety perimeter around the drain entry point.

The engineer uses water, which is stored in tanks, sent through a pressurised jetting nozzle and propelled through your lines.  The sheer power of the water is strong enough to dislodge stubborn blockages and wash away scale build up, grease and fats.

Advantages of drain jetting

  • Sometimes a blockage can be in a hard to reach section of your drain that rodding or snaking cannot reach.  The benefit of using water is that it can access even the most difficult location. Jetting hoses can negotiate tight bends allowing our drainage engineers to target any area of your drainage system.
  • Scale and grease build up decrease the diameter of your pipe resulting in slow draining water. When this issue escalates, it can cause backups resulting in an environmental hazard. The high pressure of the water means that drain jetting will not only clear a blockage, it will also clean the inside of the pipe walls allowing your drains to flow freely.
  • Pressurized water is more powerful and effective at clearing stubborn blockages than rodding or snaking.
  • Drain jetting is quick and effective, causing minimal disruption to your property.

Can I jet wash my drains?

Many home owners may be tempted to use a domestic jet washer to clear a blockage, however a domestic washer does not propel the appropriate level of force. In addition, if the pressure isn’t strong enough to clear the blockage, excess water will result in the drain filling up and flooding the surrounding area creating an environmental hazard.

Our drainage engineers are equipped with specialist, self contained jetting machines specifically designed for usage in drains.

The force of a pressurised water jet, if used incorrectly, can damage fragile pipework, so should only be carried out by trained professionals that have assessed the drainage system and determined the appropriate method of drain clearance.

Is drain jetting safe?

High pressure jetting uses water to clear blockages. No harsh chemicals are used that could corrode and damage your pipes.However, using a high pressure hose is a skilled task and could result in injury to a person or damage to a property if not carried out correctly. Our engineers will assess the age and fragility of your pipes to avoid causing damage.

Alton Pump Services drainage engineers are fully insured and trained in using high-pressure hoses and are equipped with the appropriate safety wear.

Signs you need drain jetting

Drains are only designed to deal with the 3 P’s: POO, PEE & PAPER. When other objects enter your drainage system it can cause blockages, and whilst we can’t see what is happening in our drains without a CCTV survey, there are a number of signs that indicate your drains need jetting:

  • Low water pressure
  • Water draining slowly
  • Persistent blockages
  • Standing water around manholes and drain covers
  • Gurgling sounds from your sink and shower when draining
  • Unpleasant smells from your drains
  • Sewage backing up

Our Drainage Services


If your drains are cracked or damaged this can lead to blockages, leaks, and flooding resulting in damage to your property, and subsequently expensive repairs.  At Alton Pump Services we have a team of experienced drain engineers that can repair or reline your drain with minimal disruption.

No dig drain relining allows us to repair the interior of your drain without the need for excavation. Our operations team will discuss with you the best time to implement the repair ensuring minimal inconvenience for the fastest and most cost-effective way to repair a damaged drain.

Why Choose Alton Pump Services?


Our knowledge and experience is second to none. We have the skills and training to resolve even the most challenging issues.


All our work is carried out to the highest standards – this keeps our customers happy and returning to us year after year.


Problems occur when you least expect it. Our engineers are on hand 24/7 to assist.

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