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Grinder Pump Supply & Repair

Alton Pump Services offer a range of grinder pumps;  ideal for handling tough waste in domestic and commercial applications. Our professional, reliable team supply, install service and repair heavy duty grinder pumps throughout Hampshire, Surrey, London and across the South.

At Alton Pump Services, we take pride in our ability to offer whatever kind of grinder or sewage pump you may need for your specific project.  From the simple to the complex, our engineers have the knowledge and experience to provide an efficient and professional installation. Call our team today on 01420 561661 to discuss your requirements

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Grinder pump application

When pumping sewage and waste water in larger commercial or multiple residential buildings, a grinder pump will work more efficiently than a standard sewage pump and therefore is a cost effective option. Standard sewage pumps can move solids up to two inches in diameter that dissolve or break down in the system. In comparison, grinder pumps cut and chop larger solids into small, more processible particles, enabling it to move through the sewage drains easily and prevent blockages.

Grinder pumps are suitable for pumping:

  • Sewage
  • Sludge
  • Manure
  • Liquids that contain large or tough solids.

Grinder Pump Supply

To ensure longevity of any pump system it is vital that the appropriate equipment is specified. In addition to our installation services, our specialist pump experts can help advise the grinder pump to meet your requirements and source the most suitable pump for you.

With access to a wide range of manufacturers we are able to to provide you with the best quality pump brands. If you are not sure which pump you need, get in touch with Alton Pump Services to discuss your requirements.

Pump Supply

Grinder Pump Installation

The Alton Pump Services specialist team install grinder pumps for domestic, commercial and industrial premises.  The size of the pump station your site requires is dependent on a number of factors:

  • Residential or commercial/industrial application
  • Expected total daily flow
  • Regulatory guidelines

From the simple to the complex, our engineers have the knowledge, and also the experience, to provide an efficient and professional pump installation.


Grinder Pump Servicing

Whilst a grinder pump is designed to break up solids, it is important to only flush the three P’s into the system  – POO, PEE and PAPER!. To prolong the life span of your grinder pump avoid flushing wipes, chemicals, food, cotton buds, nappies, feminine sanitary products, and oils into the drains.

At Alton Pump Services we provide grinder pump service and maintenance to help your pump maintain optimum performance levels.  A typical pump service would include:

  • Cleaning and emptying out the pump.
  • Cleaning the float switch.
  • Removing any blockages.
  • Carry out any checks to see if there are any defects in the pumping system to ensure that is in full working order.

We also provide ongoing service contracts to help maintain the efficiency of your pump giving you priority response, parts and labour. Our team of engineers are experienced in both domestic and commercial pump servicing.

Grinder Pump Repair

There are many variables that effect the life span of a grinder pump and can contribute to failure.  These include: proper installation, system design, system pressure, run time, and what items are flushed into the drainage system.  Disposing of harsh chemicals, feminine products, wet wipes and cat litter can damage your pump and prevent it from working effectively.

If your pump develops a fault (the control panel shows a red light and/or an alarm is sounding) Alton Pump Services can provide emergency repair – fast.   We stock a wide variety of replacement pump parts and will carry out repairs onsite whenever possible.  As a precaution discontinue water use to avoid causing a backup or overflow until an engineer has been to your property.

Grinder Pump Engineers

There’s never a good time for your pump to break down. Our friendly and efficient team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing efficient pump repair services.

Additionally with offices in both Hampshire and Surrey, we are strategically based to cover London and also the South Coast. Whether your call is regarding a new pump installation or fault investigation of an existing system, call us today. We’re here to help.

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A grinder pump is a type of sewage pump located at the low point of a property and is used to manage waste.  Grinder pumps are used to grind solid waste to a slurry to prevent blockages in the sewer lines.

Pressure sewer systems can be used for single-family, residential applications, or multiple dwellings. Domestic grinder pumps are not typically designed to be used as a sump pump, as certain chemicals can damage the pump. Alton Pump Services provide hard working, reliable, grinder pumps for both domestic and commercial properties offering high performance at competitive prices.

Do I need a grinder pump?

A grinder pump is used when a property is located lower than the main sewer line – known as a ‘high head’ sewage application.  If you need to pump uphill, are located in an area with a high water table or connecting by a gravity sewer line is not possible, a grinder pump is the ideal application.

In basements or underground toilets there is not enough slope to allow sewage to flow to the main system.  Low lying properties are prone to clogging and require more pressure than a standard sewage pump.  However sometimes even buildings on the same level as the sewer line or septic tank may require a grinder pump if the flow of gravity is not fast enough. Waste that flows too slowly can cause a build up resulting in a blockage. In these circumstances a grinder pump is used to pump sewage from a building.

The design of a grinder pump enables it to generate higher pressures than traditional centrifugal designs, allowing it to transport thicker substances over longer distances. A grinder pump is used when:

  1. Pumping to a pressurised sewer main.
  2. Waste is pumped a very long distance (750 feet or more)
  3. Sewage is required to be pumped a vertical distance (minimum of 30 feet)
  4. Managing solids larger than 2″ in diameter

Alton Pump Services install and maintain HCP, Clarke, Grundfos, Lowara, and Faggiolati grinder pumps, along with other major brands.

How Do Grinder Pumps Work?

Grinder pumps use blades to chop solids into small pieces, the smaller pieces form a slurry which can be pumped to higher elevations than standard sewage pumps.

A grinder pump cannot run dry and will typically sit within a tank. Wet waste from toilets, sinks and washing machines flow through the pipes into the grinder pump’s holding tank. A float switch detects the level of liquid within the tank. When waste inside the tank reaches a specific level, the pump is activated. The waste is drawn through the pump which has blades at the pump inlet that grind the raw sewage into a slurry. Once the waste is reduced to a slurry it is passed through the discharge line under pressure through small diameter pipes into the sewer system.

Once the float switch sensor detects that the waste is discharged, the pump turns off automatically.  Grinder pumps turn on and off as when required, the more water you use the more frequently the pump will activate.

What's the difference between a macerator pump and a grinder pump?

Macerator pumps differ from grinder pumps in that they require a constant flow of liquid.  Often used in domestic properties, a macerator can be installed without excavation and can sit behind the toilet. The pump breaks down solids using a fast-rotating scissor-like action to cut waste such as wet wipes and hair into smaller pieces.  This converts the solids into a fine slurry which is then pumped either uphill or horizontally to the sewage system.

The size of the macerator pump you require will depend on the size of your property and equally important, the number of people using the facilities.  Macerators pumps are not designed to cut through hard solids and are more suited to domestic applications. Both grinder pumps and macerator pumps are types of sewage pumps.


Grinder Pumps

  • Suitable for medium to large solids
  • Runs dry, handles either wet or dry solids
  • Coarse to medium-coarse grinding
  • Pressure to 232 psi
  • Higher torque required

Macerator Pumps

  • Suitable for small solids
  • Solids must be in a liquid stream
  • Medium Coarse to Fine Cutting
  • Pressure to 87 psi
  • Lower Torque Required


If you need help finding the right solution for your wastewater needs, the experienced professionals at Alton Pump Services can help. We supply, install and repair the biggest names in grinder pumps including:

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