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At Alton Pumps Services we provide a range of sewage pumps for all sites, from small domestic sump pump pits to large-scale, heavy duty industrial pump stations.

Having the right sewage pump for the job is very important, each of our pumps can be uniquely customised to your personal specifications in order to make them work efficiently for your task. We take pride in our ability to offer a wide range of sewage pump solutions for your specific project. Equally important is our commitment to customer care.

Our sewage pump services are available throughout Hampshire, Surrey, London, and also the rest of the UK.

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When pumping sewage and waste water in larger commercial or residential buildings, a grinder pump will work more efficiently than a standard sewage pump and therefore save you money. Standard sewage pumps can move solids up to two inches in diameter that dissolve or break down in the system. Standard sewage pumps are commonly used in basement toilets to move solids and liquids from a low area to the sewer system or septic system.

In comparison, grinder pumps are a type of sewage pump that cut and chop larger solids into small, more processible particles, enabling it to move through the pipework.

Our grinder pumps are manufactured to be portable and lightweight without compromising on durability. Consequently, they are ideal for environments such as small hospitals, and industrial plants, in addition to commercial spaces and offices.


Macerator pumps differ from grinder pumps in that they require a constant flow of liquid.  Often used in domestic properties, a macerator can be installed without excavation and sits behind the toilet. The pump breaks down solids using a fast-rotating scissor-like action to cut waste such as wet wipes and hair into smaller pieces.  This converts the solids into a fine slurry which is then pumped either uphill or horizontally to the sewage system.

By installing a macerator pump your sewage drains are less likely to become blocked, and as a result allows waste to flow freely. The size of the macerator pump you require will depend on the size of your property and equally important, the number of people using the facilities.  Talk to our team today on 01420 561661 for advice on the most suitable macerator for your property.


A submersible pump has a sealed motor and is designed to operate whilst immersed. Submersible pumps are placed within the liquid that requires pumping out.  These pumps are suitable for draining waste and clean water or sewage containing soft solids.

The components are hermetically sealed so that they cannot be damaged by the liquid they are intended to pump.  Submersible pumps operate independently of user input, and are fitted with an alarm to alert the occupier if there is a fault outside of scheduled maintenance. In additional to our installation service, we provide maintenance for submersible sewage pumps with macerators in both domestic or commercial premises.


These pumps are commonly used on small commercial buildings or domestic properties and are designed to pump dirty water. Effluent pump stations are used for a number of applications:

  • Remove effluent from domestic properties
  • Effluent removal from septic tanks
  • Waste removal from sewage treatment plants
  • Draining polluted groundwater
  • Clearing water from basements & cellars

Effluent pump stations are compact and are therefore suited equally to light commercial use or small housing developments.  Alton Pump Services are experienced packaged pump station builders – we pre-build your pump station so that you do not have to assemble the components.


When gravity is unable to remove flushed water from your home or septic tank, as a result, waste can build up in the pipes. A sewage ejector pump (or ‘solid handling pump’) is a submersible centrifugal pump that pumps dirty water and soft solid waste direct from domestic properties or from the septic tank into the main sewer.

The ejector pump is fitted with a float and sits in the sump basin. When the level of sewage in the basin lifts the float, it engages the pump’s motor. When the motor is active it pumps the solids and liquids out of the basin, and through the sewer pipe to the main sewer lines outside the property.

As the pump ejects the liquids the float moves back down. Then, when it reaches its minimum level, it signals to the ejector pump which in turn triggers the motor to turn off.

Sewage Pump Supply

To ensure longevity of any pump system it is vital that the appropriate equipment is specified.

In addition to our installation services, our specialist pump experts can help advise the sewage pump suitable for your requirements and source the most suitable pump for you. Whether you are looking for a simple submersible sump pump or full design, build and installation of a pump station, we have the experience and the products to help.

With access to a wide range of manufacturers, our supply base enables us to provide you with the biggest names in pump brands. However, if you are not sure which pump you need, get in touch with Alton Pump Services to discuss your requirements.

Pump Supply

Sewage Pump Installation

The Alton Pump Services specialist team will install sewage pumps for domestic, commercial and industrial premises.

From the simple to the complex, our engineers have the knowledge, and also the experience, to provide an efficient and professional installation.

Sewage Pump Servicing

Well maintained pumps run more efficiently and consequently can reduce your energy consumption by up to 50% and reduce the chance of an unexpected breakdown.

At Alton Pump Services we provide sewage pump service and maintenance to help your pump maintain optimum performance levels.  A typical sewage pump service would include:

  • Cleaning and emptying out the pump.
  • Removing any blockages.
  • Carry out any checks to see if there are any defects in the pumping system to ensure that is in full working order.

We also provide ongoing service contracts to help maintain the efficiency of your sewage pump giving you priority response, parts and labour. Our team of engineers are experienced in both domestic and commercial pump servicing.

Sewage Pump Repair

In the unfortunate event of a sewage pump breakdown Alton Pump Services can provide emergency pump repair – fast.  We stock a wide variety of replacement pump parts and will carry out repairs onsite whenever possible to avoid disruption to your work.

Our dedicated team of pump engineers provides as little disruption as possible and will work to get your sewage pump back up and running again.

24 Hour Emergency Call Out

There’s never a good time for your pump to break down – but there’s no need to worry when Alton Pumps Services is in your contacts list. Our friendly and efficient team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing pump repair services.

Additionally with offices in both Hampshire and Surrey, we are strategically based to cover London and also the South Coast. Whether your call is regarding a new pump installation or fault investigation of an existing system, call us today. We’re here to help.

  • Sewage Pump Systems
  • Domestic Sewage Pumps
  • Heavy Duty Sewage Pumps 
  • Submersible Sewage Pumps


In a sewer system, a sewage pump is used to move liquids and solids from one place to another.

A sewage pump is installed at the lowest point of the sewage basin usually below the floor level. Wastewater depends on gravity, consequently, plumbing systems below the level of the main sewage line will require a pump to elevate wastewater. Sewage pumps are installed at the lowest point of the sewage basin.  They are designed to pump to a sewer system or a septic tank.

Sewage ejector pumps can pump high volumes of sewage over short distances and are designed to process up to 2” diameter solids. Ejector pumps are used to move raw sewage from a property to a septic tank or gravity flow sewer main.  Alton Pump Services supply, install and service heavy duty sewage pumps for commercial and industrial applications.

Alton Pump Services can provide reliable, durable sewage pumps for a variety of purposes. Sewage pumps are designed to pump effluent waste away from building, industrial and factory sites, or from underground sumps. Our sewage pumps offer high performance at competitive prices. They are also ideal for sewage management from family dwellings and estates.

What is the difference between effluent and sewage pumps?

Sewage pumps are designed to pump human waste solids and sewage materials up to 2″ diameters. At the same time, effluent pumps are designed to pump grey water with minimal solids smaller than 1/2″.


What is the difference between sump pumps and sewage pumps?

Sump pumps differ primarily from sewage pumps in that they are used to pump flood water out of a building – usually a basement, to protect from water damage in addition to flooding. Whereas sewage pumps are used to move both liquids and solids from a building to a septic tank or the sewage system. Sump pumps are only designed to handle groundwater and rainwater. They are not suitable for moving solids.

The sump pump is available in both submersible and pedestal variations. Submersible sump pumps are sealed and lowered into the pit with a hole to receive water, whilst the pedestal version sits on the surface making it comparatively easier to access and service. Sump pumps require more frequent checking and maintenance than sewage pumps, consequently, the pedestal version is preferred.


How Do Sewage Pumps Work?

Most of us naturally do not think about what happens once we flush a toilet.  If your property has a sewage pump you may wonder how it works. Sewage pumps work by centrifugal force. When the pump is active, the motor rotates the impeller,  which in turn creates pressure that forces water into the pump and out into the discharge pipe.

The propulsion enables the transfer of both sewage liquids and solids to the main sewer system or septic tank. As a sewage pump does not rely on gravity, it constantly requires energy to keep it running, as such it is vital that a reliable power source is connected to your pump.


If you need help finding the right solution for your wastewater needs, the experienced professionals at Alton Pump Services can help. We supply, install and repair the biggest names in sewage pumps including:

Why Choose Alton Pump Services?

Our reputation is built on a foundation of quality products, comprehensive service and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Alton Pump Services is an approved member of the Hampshire Trading Standards ‘Buy with Confidence’ Scheme. We are also registered with UVDB Achilles. In addition we are members of  the DTI Construction Line Scheme and are an accredited Alcumus Safe Contractor. Because of our membership with these organisations, and our reputation as a reputable pump supplier, you can be assured that all products and services offered are of the highest calibre.


Our knowledge and experience is second to none. We have both the skills and training to resolve even the most challenging issues.


All our work is carried out to the highest standards –  consequently this keeps our customers happy and returning to us year after year.


Problems occur when you least expect it. Our engineers are on hand 24/7 to assist.

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